About Back Line Kayaks 

Having a love for the ocean and a passion for fishing was enough cause to get introduced to the wonderful world of Kayak fishing. 

 Living not far from the coast of Durban, made this transition into kayaking very easy. With the lure of snoek, couta, tuna and other gamefish ready to be caught right on my doorstep all I needed was to get out there and catch them. 

 Having tried a few kayaks on the market, they all seemed to lack “the complete package”. 

 Some were fast, but lacked stability, some were stable but lacked speed, and some were great at punching waves whilst others were like paddling tree trunks.

 Having some 16 years’ experience in the composite aircraft industry, both in design and manufacture, I put this experience into practise and the “BACKLINE RANGE ‘’ of fishing kayaks was born. 

 What I needed was a kayak that would paddle fast, was stable enough for a beginner and an expert, comfortable, would punch easily through our Natal surf and was fishing friendly in layout to suit most fishing needs. 

 The ‘’Backline Range” of kayaks are manufactured from marine grade resin ensuring a good resistance to salt water, comfortable seating cockpit with a nice large fish-hatch. You can even stow your paddle inside the hatch. All stainless steel fittings and corrosion resistant handles and nylon accessories ensure the kayak looks and stays in tip-top condition. 

 The innovative design of the line protector around the rudder is a first for these kayaks, ensuring no more line tangles around the rudder especially when one has a FISH ON.

 Another innovative design in the built in live bait well on the ‘’Advanced Version” allowing live bait to be easily accessible all the time. 

 So if you are in the market to start, upgrade or just enjoy kayak fishing, give us a call and ‘’Experience It”



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