Fish Finder Fitment Options 

battery position

Fish finder battery is mounted in the rear dry hatch,

This gives it less chance of being in contact with salt water.

And making it possible for an easy connection, we can supply and fit

Aftermarket secure battery connections. All fish finder fuses are fitted 

as per manufactures specifications.

transducer position

The battery and transducer cable entry creates a small cutout, 

just large enough to mount the transducer in hull. With a good quality cable

used to extend the power cable to the dry hatch. All joints are soldered together

and covered in heat shrink. the cover is then mounted with silicone, 

making it easy to perform maintenance as required. The power and transducer cables

are then covered in spiral bind, holding them together and for protection.

Rod holder option also shown in this picture. A simple webbing loop.

 top mount hatch lid

One of the options as shown, is to mount the fish finder with the manufactures supplied mount.

This is either screwed to the hatch lid or with a removable velcro mounting system.

With this system a bung is placed onto the hatch lid for the cable to enter through.

The fish finder and cable can then be packed during launch and beaching.

This also makes it easy to clean and safely store the unit.


This shows the completed setup, and with the factory supplied mount,

the angle of the unit can be modified depending on different light conditions.

Making it a great option.



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